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23-24 Campus Family Engagement Policy


Vision Statement

In partnership with parents and the community, students will graduate with the skills needed to be career ready. The vision is grounded on the conviction that a successful public education system is directly related to a strong, dedicated, and supportive family and that parental involvement in the school is essential for the maximum educational achievement of a child.

What is Title 1?

Title 1 is a Federal program that helps fund schools with 40% or more students who qualify for free or reduced meals.  Schools that qualify may choose to be Schoolwide or Targeted Assistance.  Sanford-Fritch ISD has chosen SF Elementary to be the sole school to receive those funds in order to build foundational skills in reading and math.  This means that all students can benefit from services even if they don’t qualify for free or reduced meals.  Some salaries and supplies are paid for with these funds.  

Family Engagement in Developing the Policy

The purpose of parental involvement is to promote a school/home partnership that will help all students at this campus succeed.  Our goal is to provide opportunity, training, and information for parents that will help them assume a more meaningful role in improving student achievement and increase effectiveness when participating in the planning and evaluation of Title 1 programs.  
At least one meeting will be held each year at convenient times for parents to have input in this process.  Parents will be notified by written notices, media, and Remind 10l in order to attract as many parents as possible. 
Copies of the Policy will be made available to parents for review, and suggested changes will be considered on a yearly basis.

Home-School Compact

In accordance with Title I regulations, our school has developed and will continue to review and revise as needed a Home-School Compact with the parents and students of Sanford-Fritch Elementary.  The compact will further enable the school and parents to share responsibility for student performance and success. 

The compact will explain how students, parents, and school faculty will share the responsibility for promoting student achievement.  Copies of this will be given to parents for review.  Parents are encouraged to discuss the contents of the compact with their family members and with SFE Staff.


Developing and maintaining strong lines of communication between home and school is a vital component of the Sanford-Fritch Elementary Title 1 program.  Monthly newsletters from the principal and teachers, E-notes, the PTO Facebook page, SFE Facebook page, the newspaper, email, calendar postings on the event calendar on the District website, and written notices will all be utilized to strengthen these lines of communication.  The campus will assess the effectiveness of current communication practices and revise as needed. 



Assessment of the policy and its components will be conducted annually through input from staff, students, and parents.  The evaluation will be given copies of the Policy and Compact for review with opportunity for suggestions for revisions as well as surveys, Title 1 meetings and conferences.  

School-Parent Compact

    In accordance with Title 1 regulations, each school must develop a compact for outlining the responsibilities of parents, students, and staff.  
    All parents will be given a copy of the compact detailing the responsibilities teachers, parents, and students have in helping students accomplish their academic achievement goals.  Student responsibilities will vary by grade level.  The grade level expectations will be distributed to parents annually and can be found in the Student Handbook.

Matching Programs to the Needs of Our Community

    The community will be consulted in the design, development and implementation of the Title 1 program.  Each year, the school district will assess the needs of parents and children in the community through a variety of measures and surveys for creating a successful school environment.

    Workshops and other programs in various topics will be available for parents and children.  Parents will be notified about these opportunities through the school.  Parents may call the elementary school at any time to express an interest in a particular workshop or to make suggestions for topics.

Staff/Parent Communications

    Communications with parents will include newsletters, written notices, emails, phone calls, conferences, and E-notes as needed throughout the school year.  Parents are encouraged to take the initiative in calling their child’s teacher when they are concerned about a problem.  They may also call the school office and ask for a translator at the conference.  As much as possible, notices will be sent home in English and Spanish languages.  Staff will receive training on how to improve home-school communications and parents will be asked to give input for this topic.    


    There will be an annual evaluation of the content and effectiveness of the Title 1 Parental Involvement program.  Parents will be asked for their input in the evaluation.  The evaluation will include an assessment of how effective the Parental Involvement program is and to identify any barriers to parent participation.  The school district will review its Parental Involvement Policy on the basis of this annual review.

    The commitment to family involvement has been encouraged by the Sanford-Fritch ISD School Board.  The policy will be coordinated and promoted by the Title 1 staff, administration, and teachers throughout the campuses and district.

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